Frequently Asked Questions

Latino Marketing Group

Do you only serve Latin businesses?

Great question!  No, we want to be the bridge between any minority community and the rest of the world with a great understanding of the american market so we can drive traffic to and from to help your business grow.


How long is the website design process?

We are a fast pace company, we know your website is a primary element of your business so as soon as you provide us with the images, videos and finish a questionnaire that we'll send you, our professionals will dedicate their entire time to: edit images, write copy, and design your site. They'll be done in not more than 4 to 5 days.

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How often do you post on the different Social Media Channels?

Every business is different, we will conduct an audit of your social media channels to help identify gaps and opportunities and we design a Social Media Strategy that best fits and maximize Marketing Value for your business succes.

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